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Roca launches the first Physical Activity Meeting for People with Disabilities

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The Municipal Workshop for People with Disabilities organized a meeting with a vision for the future. A broad day designed to remain as State policy, That will be held for the first time in Roca. This is the Recreational Meeting of Physical Activity for People with Disabilities.

The event isIt will be on Saturday, July 1 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Fabricio Vaccari sports center. There will be games, motor skill work, and adapted sports. It is open to all institutions and to all people with disabilities who want to attend, they do not necessarily have to belong to any organization.

Everything is designed from an inclusive perspective for any age and condition. It is estimated that about 100 children and adults will participate; as advanced to RIO NEGRO Silvana Montanari, director of Sports of the Municipality of Roca.

The objective of the meeting is to expand the offer of activities for people with disabilities in the city. started as a internal idea of ​​the municipal workshop, but it grew in the heat of the ties with the institutions such as Fundas and the Aanobi Association to help people with visual disabilities, among others.

«Just as we work in all sports, proposing in addition to the routine class, a tournament, a league, a meeting or masterclass; We proposed that the disability workshop also have something different in addition to the systematic class»Postulated Montanari.

There will be different stations and posts, with adapted motor activities, recreational games, social and sports activities, recreational, sports. From the organization, they seek to make emphasis on sharing with peers a day of fun, learning and physical activity.

«If there is a mother or father who does not take their child to one of these institutions and wants to take them to the sports center on Saturday, they can also do it, ” said the Director of Sports. The activity is completely free and will include a moment of refreshment.

The activity is organized by the municipal management with the staff of teachers and own coordinators plus those of the institutions who joined the day. The teacher in charge is Luis Almada, with extensive experience and specialized in disability, but each one will contribute from their knowledge to carry out the integrated activity.

Inclusive sports in Roca

This year, a Adapted Triathlon and the new Municipal Swimming Pool has access for people with reduced mobility. SIt was thought that this swimming pool has inclusion as its main feature, because in Roca there is no pool that has a ramp.

From Sports, they seek to offer the disabled a wider range of activities. «For many years there was nothing more than swimming and now this year we are incorporating in the CIM of Tiro Federal adapted physical activities. Also adapted athletics and physical activity at the Gimena López Sports Center, “concluded the municipal official.

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