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Ricardo Bendek: Rock, Jazz and Blues

by drbyos

Ricardo Bendek is a young Salvadoran who, at the age of 21, is already an independent composer and producer who, at the age of 13, began his passion for music.

Bendek showed a remarkable interest in the piano, bass and guitar, and his constant dedication and discipline led him to record his first single as a soloist under the theme “Refugio” which involved a fusion of rock, jazz and blues.

Today she is recording her next record production that could be released in January 2020. Last October she gave us a preview with “Chica Fugas”, a song that corresponds to her latest album.

Chica Fugas tells the story of a lonely young woman who maintains a carefree lifestyle, turning that into self-love. She is a fictional character but one that many young people can identify with today.

The interpretation has different genres, among them we can highlight: Jazz, Rock and Lo-Fi with Bedroom Pop.

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