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Repairing the hole in Ruiz Moreno street in Bariloche will cost 34 million pesos

by drbyos

The mayor Gustavo Gennuso ordered the direct contracting of the company Arenera del Sur for 34 million pesos for the repair of the pluvial conduit that produced a sinkhole in Ruiz Moreno street, between Miter and Vicealmirante O’Connor.

Hiring includes materials, equipment, tools, and labor.

This landslide was caused by a groundwater leak at the end of March in the street that has a steep slope. It left a hole more than twenty feet long and deep.

It happens that the rainwater network is about 40 years old. The Secretary of Public Works Eduardo Garza recognized, at that moment, that “at a certain moment the pipeline breaks, the water leaks, runs hard down the slope and erodes the land until it causes the subsidence.”

This same week, 150 meters from that place, the intense rains caused the overflow of a storm in Costanera, which opened a deep hole and cracked the asphalt.

an urgent work

In mid-April, the Bariloche Contract Works Department prepared the technical project to repair the hole in Ruiz Moreno street and at that time, it was estimated that the work It would cost 19 million pesos. The hiring came two and a half months later, but at a cost of 34 million pesos.

The resolution mentions a report from the Directorate of Works by Contract that suggests “an immediate intervention to prevent further deterioration of the rest of the existing infrastructure”.

To justify direct contracting, a 1989 ordinance is cited that enables this modality when “there are reasons of real urgency or unforeseeable fortuitous cases and it is demonstrated that its performance, by any of the bidding procedures, harms the service or harms the treasury”.

The resolution emphasizes the urgency of the repair, not only because of the current state of the road, but also because of “the time of year since the imminent rains will increase its flow.”

It stands out that a quote was requested from about four companies, but only Arenera del Sur submitted a job offer for 34,224,237 pesos. He also points out that the Contract Works Department analyzed the proposal and “adjusts to the requested technical specifications.”

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