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RAID D’ISALO – Four nationalities to face the Malagasy

by drbyos

Run the exceptional. In collaboration with the Malagasy Athletics Federation, Jean Marie Daval of Randomada, initiator of the event, is organizing the 16th edition of the Raid de l’Isalo this Saturday, July 15, in the fabulous Isalo National Park. Nearly two hundred runners and walkers of five nationalities will take part in the various races of the day. They come from Sweden, France, Greece, Germany and Reunion to rub shoulders with the Malagasy. For the most seasoned of the circuit, a distance of 45 km awaits them. We will know at the end of the route which of these most hardened runners will beat the record for the event which must be done in less than fifteen hours. The 25 km semi-raid for those who want to combine sport and discovery, is offered to those who like soft, while the 20 km hike is offered to fans of leisurely walking and site discovery. A 3 km mini-Raid will also be suggested in the city of Ranohira for the “zaza” (children) who cannot keep up with the adults. It will be a warm-up distance and a preparation for later in the big distance. Registrations at MDA were definitively closed this Wednesday, July 13, at 4 p.m.

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