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PUBLIC FINANCES – Cooperation between the state and financial partners strengthened

by drbyos

The Ministry of Economy and Finance as well as the Technical and Financial Partners (PTF) of the Big Island signed the terms of reference for the management of public finances on Friday.

In line. Cooperation with the various technical and financial partners (PTF) and the Malagasy State is becoming clearer. The Ministry of Economy and Finance and Madagascar’s development partners signed on Friday the terms of reference which announce the color of future collaborations between the Malagasy government and international TFPs. This cooperation is also part of the continuity of the reforms undertaken in the field of public finances. According to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the signing of this document will first of all allow “Establishing a consultation framework around the management of public finances”. The minister in charge of this department, Rindra Hasimbelo Rabarinirinarison, who represented the Malagasy government for the signing of the said document, emphasizes the importance of cooperation with development partners to achieve the objectives set by the State. “Cooperation with TFPs remains an important issue in Madagascar’s development and in achieving our emergence objectives, particularly with regard to public finance reforms,” she says.

Regular dialogues

For her part, the Ambassador of the European Union in Madagascar, Isabelle Delattre, who represented the TFPs during the signing of the terms of reference, insisted on recalling that “Public finances are an area which is at the heart of the efficiency of State “. Improve transparency. Still in the process of greater transparency in the management of public finances, the cooperation framework between the two stakeholders has three main axes. These components focus on transparency, accountability and improving public administration. According to the press release from the MEF, all these steps are taken “within the framework of strengthening regular dialogue between the Malagasy State and the TFPs”. In concrete terms, the TFPs and the Malagasy government have agreed to share information regularly. The TFPs will thus produce reports every 6 months on the budget support they intend to pay for Madagascar.

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