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President Nayib Bukele proposes the reduction of deputies from 84 to 60

by drbyos

President Nayib Bukele, during his speech to the nation on the night of Thursday, June 1, presented three important announcements, among which was the proposal to reduce the number of deputies in the Legislative Assembly. With the aim of rationalizing state spending, the president plans to reduce the number of parliamentary representatives from the current 84 to a total of 60.

«The second announcement that I want to make is that we are also going to reduce the seats in this Assembly. Here I have the proposal. We are going to reduce the Assembly to 60 deputies, as it was before the false peace agreements were signed,” President Bukele commented.

In the past, the ARENA and FMLN political parties have added 24 additional deputies to the Assembly with the aim of securing positions, salaries and privileges for their relatives. Despite the fact that this expansion of deputies had previously been declared unconstitutional by the previous Constitutional Chamber, which was made up of members of the same political parties, they ignored the decision and maintained the number of 84 deputies.

“This Assembly had 60 deputies, it did not occur to us in this government, those on the corner do not like this announcement because ARENA and the FMLN in that farce that they signed added 24 more deputies and it was the only thing they complied with in those ‘agreements of peace’ ensuring the position of his friends”, the president Nayib Bukele attacked the opposition, about the benefits they obtained for themselves and their close circle.

During the management of the former president of the FMLN, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, acts of corruption were carried out that benefited his close circle, for which he was accused of nepotism due to the placement of several members of his family in non-existent public positions during his term. . Four of his sons, four of his grandsons, the husband of one of his granddaughters, and a daughter-in-law were found to hold these fictitious positions, resulting in the Cerén family group earning more than 6 million dollars. dollars during his five-year term. In addition, it was revealed that there were twenty other similar positions occupied by relatives of members and leaders of the FMLN.

However, with the Government of President Nayib Bukele, these practices ceased and the ghost jobs were eliminated. The economic resources that were allocated to these positions were redirected towards the benefit of the Salvadoran people, as appropriate.

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