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Patricia Bullrich confirmed a legislative alliance with Javier Milei if he wins the elections

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In advance of the closing of alliances, Patricia Bullrich publicly announced what her negotiations with members of Congress will be like if she wins the presidency. She was clear when expressing that will seek an agreement with La Libertad Avanza -a space led by Javier Milei- to approve laws.

“The country has more than 500 laws that go against national production. Power must be returned to the citizen and taken away from politics and the bureaucracy”, said the PRO leader in dialogue with CNN Radio.

In addition, she did not deny the possibility of reaching consensus with the most radical wing of politics: “If I am the candidate of Together for Change I will be able to articulate with the Libertad Avanza bloc, and manage to approve the main laws that we are going to send to Congresswhich will be the legal architecture and will give the country predictability”,

For his part, Bullrich spoke about the social protests taking place in the country. “I am going to set very clear rules of what are the consequences of those who have a social plan and decide to go to the streets. We are not going to have the streets taken over, we are going to order it in the Penal Code”, he sentenced.

He also clarified that he will regularize the situation with the beneficiaries of social plans, whom he accuses of motorizing the pickets. “We are going to unlink the idea that the plan is an impediment to work. Work is a computer of people’s liveshe confirmed.

Together for Change will not change its name for PASO: Patricia Bullrich’s position

This afternoon the presidents of the main parties that make up Together for Change met at the headquarters of the National Committee of the UCR, in Buenos Aires. It was a summit meeting before the imminent closing of alliances and in the midst of the successive internal tensions of recent weeks.

The opposition front defined the voting floors to integrate lists in case of internaland confirmed that it will be presented with the name and characteristic colors of “Together for Change”, despite the recent expansion of its members.

Bullrich had made it clear to his entourage that the name change was something “superficial”, for which he ruled it out. “It’s not that loud, but it’s unlikely”, detailed a bullrichista shipowner.

It all started as a result of a proposal by José Luis Espert, brand new annexation of the opposition coalition. The National Liberal MP asked to add the word “freedom to the mark Together for Change.

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