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Pastry chef Lucas Urban aspires to get from Roca to Neuquén with his Mar del Plata-type alfajores, vegan and for diabetics

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Lucas Urban is in every detail of his preparations.

If there are simple delicacies on this Earth, those are the alfajores. But what stands out is that they are handmade and especially if the product is from an entrepreneur who dared to put his stamp on Roca. Lucas Urban is already like ‘from the house’ and he told us that since a note that Yo Como wrote to him in February of this year they have done very well.

“We have grown a lot. We have more than 20 points of sale, since we appeared in the newspaper”, the pastry chef proudly replies. “Only now we were able to rent a bigger and better conditioned place. We are doing the national authorization to be able to sell our products throughout the country. Although for now we want to reach the Neuquén market and the Alto Valle in general”, says Lucascreator of his venture “Urban Cakes” (@_urban_cakes_)

From being limited with the elaborations, now they have a larger space for their products. “I left the job I had and now I dedicate myself full time to this. We moved the factory to the 260 Viviendas neighborhood. There are still two of us who make the merchandise, but we added a gastronomy student to do an internship. Our idea is, if she is interested, to train her in this area, ”he explained.

The “Urban cakes” have 70% cocoa chocolate, more than tempting.

From February to date, everything has been very dizzying for this master of the handmade alfajor. “From the beginning we deliver the alfajores. We bought an electric bike to make it less heavy. Everyone realizes that it is ours because it is new with a large drawer, the only one in the area. The idea is to do a bit of publicity with this too”, smiles Lucas.

The production of alfajores per week is 500 to 600 units according to the orders they have. “Now that we are becoming independent, we can target other fairs. This month there is one in Fernández Oro and we are thinking of going to show our product, that we are from the Alto Valle. In the capital Neuquén there is a pasta factory that resells our alfajores, but our idea is to seize that market with more force, obviously without leaving Roca”says the entrepreneur.

Before we sold 1000 alfajores in the month. Now that number has doubled.

Lucas Urban, pastry chef and entrepreneur.

There are still many unexplored spots in Roca for sale. “We dream of hiring someone, later, to do the delivery and look for points of sale. We are so involved here that we only go out to deliver”.

And as for the varieties of alfajores, they were working on the vegan option with fruit and another for diabetics with stevia-based dulce de leche and 70% cocoa chocolate. “If we talk about costs, what determines the final price of the product is the chocolate we use. In the same way, no matter how up-to-date we are with the prices of inputs, the values ​​increase approximately every 15 days”, concludes Lucas.

1000% handmade production.

Contact: 2984211348

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