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PAMI winter benefits: clothing, appliances and more

by drbyos

He Comprehensive Medical Care Program of PAMI offers, for all its retirees, a set of benefits among which are discounts and promotions in gastronomy, clothing and education. These deductions vary, between 20% and 30% of the total of the entire purchasein all affiliated businesses.

This way, PAMI is a social work for retirees and pensionerswhat It also includes people over 70 years of age. without retirement and also of Falklands veteranswhich operates in Argentina under the total administration of the national government.

What are the PAMI discounts for winter?

Los retired y pensioners can access a 25% discount in coats of winter. At the same time, AMONG communicated that its affiliates will also be able to purchase electric stoves with 15% discounts and payment facilities.

Winter clothes

The discount in winter clothes of AMONG It is applied in the following local adhered to the country:






Style Store


Absolut Joy

Ana Gray

Electric stoves

Meanwhile, for the case of Electric stoves, the only store home appliances affiliate is «Radio Sapienza». It should be noted that the payment methods that are enabled are:


– Card of debit (three installments)

– Card of credit (three installments)

PAMI: how to access promotions for retirees

For those who are interested in the promotions offered by PAMI should follow the following steps:

– Enter the official page of PAMI benefits.

– Go to the section «Clothing and Fashion» and access.

– Choose the preferred clothing brand and select the option «I want this coupon«.

– When touching this option, a field will appear that must be filled with the DAYS of the affiliate.

– Download the QR code.

By getting the code QR, the affiliate mustAccess the official page of the store and enter it to obtain the discount.

PAMI benefits: what other items have discounts?

PAMI’s program offers discounts in almost all itemsnamely:

– Gastronomy.

– Clothing and fashion.

– Education and courses.

– Services.

– Turismo.

– Gyms and sports.

– Beauty and health.

– Entertainment.

– Theaters.

– Motorcycles and cars.

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