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one by one, the friend lies to hide the murder

by drbyos

The crime of Joaquín Sperani, which occurred inside an uninhabited house, shocked the town of Laboulaye, in Córdoba. The shocking thing about the case is that it was his best friend who confessed to having committed the murder.

The 14-year-old went missing on Thursday past after leaving home to go to school. One of the cameras in the area caught him very smiling with “L”, his best friend and his schoolmate.

The investigators maintain that, that day, both boys escaped from the educational institution before entering classes and they went to the house where Sperani he was found lifeless. The main suspect would have returned to school in less than 10 minuteswithout anyone noticing any signs of tampering or bloodstains on it.

Shortly after, when testifying before the officers who were looking for the minor, the suspect He provided false information and managed for days to alter the course of the investigation.

The lies of the suspect in the murder of Joaquín Sperani

According to La Voz de Córdoba, when Joaquín’s relatives reported his disappearance, the confessed author defended himself by arguing that he was not I wanted to “buzz” to their friend.

Later, he stated that Joaquín was tired of How was he treated at home?where they were supposedly “very strict”, and that he had left “with another family”.

Behind this, provided a false clue about the address that the young man supposedly took, which generated a considerable loss of time in the investigation.

Finally, L.’s alibi began to crack when it was discovered, in one of the video recordings of the town’s houses, that he dropped a phone. His own relatives had stated that he did not have a cell phone. However, the young man invented that his friend had left his cell phone before leaving, to avoid being located.

Later, it was discovered that L. had painted the protective case of the device, which increased suspicions against him.

How they found the body of Joaquín Sperani and the confession of the crime

Juan López, one of the men who found the body, recounted what the terrifying moment was like. “Last night – on Saturday – it all started, we saw that everything was cold and everything was wrong”, described. The subject, who is a cousin of the victim’s mother, said that on Sunday morning, the boy’s relatives and relatives went to the police station to see if they got any kind of response.

Shortly before noon, the officers authorized them to carry out searches in the area themselves. “They told us that any anomaly we call them, and we started walking”, he counted.

“The idea was to do about seven or eight blocks and we found it 100 meters away, where supposedly they had already raked. We went alone, the police stayed in the patrol car, ”he added, visibly outraged in dialogue with TN.

In total there were four people who entered the abandoned house and found the terrifying scene: “He had a blow to the head, around him there was rubble and rubble”.

Joaquín Sperani’s friend, also 14, finally confessed to the crime. “He said he killed him with a blow”, López said in statements to the press.

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