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Omar Gutiérrez tours Sauzal Bonito to assess the damage from the rainstorm

by drbyos

The governor Omar Gutierrez traveled to the center of Neuquén today to visit the areas affected by the rain storm that generated an extraordinary flood of the Neuquén river. The visit included Sauzal Bonito, one of the most affected towns downstream.

Over the weekend, the government created an emergency cabinet headed by Osvaldo Llancafilo that was installed in the north, where bridges and roads were cut, people were evacuated and there are still difficulties in resupplying some services such as water.

today the governor together with the Secretary of Territorial Development Jorge Laratraveled to visit the downtown area, where the consequences of the persistent rains were also experienced.

As stated, At this time he is in Sauzal Bonito together with the communal chief, Fernando Wircaleo, to assess the damage left by the storm. Yesterday, the president of the promotion commission had evaluated that practically 90% of the town had been left under water and had requested collaboration for the supply of drinking water for the residents.

“It’s going to take a long time to get back to normal”assured Wircaleo, who assured that “there is sadness, perhaps anger at losing animals, it’s a stumble of the locality”.

There are families evacuated and loss of animals due to the flood in Sauzal Bonito. Photo: courtesy.

Classes suspended in many locations

The Provincial Council of Education (CPE) yesterday instructed each town and establishment to evaluate in a “situated” way and depending on their reality whether or not they taught classes on Monday.

One of the first to confirm it was Chos Malal, through Civil Defense, which reported the suspension both today and Tuesday.

Another of the towns that has decided to suspend classes this Monday due to the affectation of the rain is Loncopué, so there will be no classes tomorrow in the town. The municipality of aluminé arranged Same for this Monday.

In andacollo the scenario is the same so there will be no classes this Monday, as in Corner of the Willows.

The localities that add to the suspension of classes They are Bajada del Agrio, Taquimilán, El Cholar, Chorriaca, Los Miches, Huinganco, Varvarco, Las Ovejas and Manzano Amargo.

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