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number of places, prices, disciplines… all about the third phase of ticket sales which opens on Wednesday

by drbyos

The Olympic rings face the Eiffel Tower in Paris on September 14, 2017. MICHEL EULER / AP

Haven’t found the golden ticket yet? It is still possible to attend the Paris 2024 Olympic events. And, this time, the draw is forgotten: this new round of ticketing will obey the “first come, first served” rule. The organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris (JOP) will launch a third ticketing phase, Wednesday July 5, from 10 a.m., to sell the three million tickets they have left in stock. First dedicated to events organized in regions, the platform will then offer, until exhaustion, those concerning all disciplines.

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Exit, therefore, judo or swimming, which will take place in Ile-de-France. The third phase of ticketing will initially only concern basketball (Lille), handball (Lille), football (Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Saint-Etienne) and sailing (Marseille), where many tickets are still available. The price range displayed remains identical to the first sales phases and will vary between 24 and 320 euros per unit. “Of the three million tickets reinjected, nearly 150,000 seats at 24 euros are still available for sale”assures Michaël Aloïsio, spokesperson for Paris 2024.

Other sessions will then be regularly added to the platform until the summer of 2024. However, no details have been given regarding the future calendar: “Tickets will be available on the platform according to our visibility, explains Michaël Aloïsio. We will notify the public via the Club Paris 2024 broadcast channels.” It will therefore be necessary to be patient, and somewhat lucky, to hope to win a ticket in the most requested disciplines.

“Unfrozen” tickets in all disciplines

In addition to these three million tickets, will be added over time “a hundred thousand » of squares “jellies”, currently retained pending the final layout of the Olympic venues. These ultimate tickets – which will concern all disciplines including those highly sought after such as gymnastics, judo or fencing – will be available in dribs and drabs and will account for approximately 10% of the gauges. Thus, the larger the enclosure that hosts the discipline, the greater the number of additional tickets will be.

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« It must be understood that the offer will be imperfect, kick in touch Michaël Aloïsio, spokesperson for Paris 2024. Not all rates and all sessions will be available, but there will still be opportunities, in athletics for example. On the other hand, in urban sports or for track cycling, we have more restricted gauges. There will therefore be only a few places injected. »

Initially scheduled for the end of 2023, the third ticketing phase was anticipated in the summer “in order to meet the very strong demand encountered during the first two sales phases “, we explain on the side of Paris 2024. On the previous ticket offices, more than five million tickets had found takers in a few days. Note that the purchase of these seats remains subject to a limit of 30 tickets per account, all sales phases included.

As for those who would not find a shoe that suits them, there is still resale. A platform will be opened in the spring of 2024 to hope to win the precious sesame.

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