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Norway initiated the blackout of the FM radio signal

by drbyos

The Modulated Frequency (FM) radio began to be turned off this Wednesday in Norway, starting from the northwestern province of Nordland. The blackout is due to the change in technology, since the Digital Audio Transmission (DAB) format will be applied.

The application of the new DAB technology was an initiative of public radio and television in that country together with other stations.

The technological project experienced three setbacks in Parliament since its initial approval in 2011, but its implementation was finally accepted at the end of last year 2016.

DAB also ran into two thirds of the population against it, since this technological format is not captured by conventional receivers unless the special adapter is purchased.

The disagreements of the population were also due to the fact that other neighboring countries paralyzed their plans to get rid of FM technology.

However, the Norwegian government defended the implementation of the new format, to ensure that digital radio will expand the offer and the quality of the signal. In addition, it will allow the main broadcasters to save about 200 million Norwegian crowns, that is, 22 million euros.

DAB technology will be gradually implemented in Norway, so that by 2022 all radio and television stations will operate under the same format.

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