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Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero have no peace: now Mica Viciconte has spoken

by drbyos

Nicole Neumannpreparing her marriage to Manu Urcera, does not find peace: the internal with Fabian Cubero intensified in recent hours, in the midst of the judicial dispute that both have for the possession and alimony of their three daughters in common. In that framework, Mica Viciconte got into the middle of the fight, which seems to have no end.

consulted by «Intruders»the new couple of Fabian Cubero pointed out that “There is a request that you cannot talk about anythingthen I I respect that and I am not going to say anything at all because, if not, we get into a quilombo» regarding the case involving Nicole Neumann.

«Fabi deals with justice, with her lawyer. But he can’t talk and I understand the other party can’t either. Let’s understand that justice is sometimes slow and, well, you have to wait» referred Little Viscount about the situation with Nicole Neumann.

Finally, Mica Viciconte stated that this dispute between Nicole Neumann and Fabian Cubero “It doesn’t change me at all.” «I have been with Fabi for almost 7 years, a lot has already happened» concluded the panelist.

The judicial dispute that further distances Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero

As revealed in «Intruders», Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero go to court every time a difference separates them regarding the upbringing of their daughters. “The problem, for me, is that the judicial continues. They have many causes »he said about it Love Peñoñopanelist of the cycle that leads Flower from V.

Karina Iavicolihis partner, added in this regard that There are 12 legal cases between Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cuberowhere they are contemplated economic differences and different ways of raising Indiana, Allegra and Sienna.

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