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New postponement of the document of a judge in Neuquén casts doubts on its approval

by drbyos

The Neuquén Legislature postponed the treatment of the list that designates Nadia Kubatov as a judge of Chos Malal Guarantees. The only block that would accompany his appointment would be that of the Frente de Todos. Until yesterday the MPN, which is the majority bloc, was not willing to endorse it, as it did in 2019.

Kubatov’s appointment was included in the session’s agenda, along with two other appointments: that of Gaston Liotard, in the position of Chief Prosecutor of Cutral Co (replacing the sanctioned Santiago Terán) and that of Nancy Vielma as a civilian chambermaid of the interior. None of the three managed to be treated –the discussions about the countercyclical fund, Profits and zero alcohol ate the agenda– and passed for June 28.

The candidate won the contest to be a judge on November 8, 2022. It took seven months to summon her to the Constitutional Affairs commission and when they summoned her, they interviewed her for an hour and a half. That already represents a sign. Vielma was called just a week after her appointment to the Council.

In 2019 Kubatov had won the contest to be a Neuquén criminal defense attorney. The MPN and allies rejected the appointment. The then head of the bloc told this newspaper, after the vote, that the lawyer’s feminist profile did not fit the position.

Today no one dares to express such a position out loud: there are judges, defenders and prosecutors in the province who boast of being so, including the only member of the TSJ, and the courts apply the gender perspective when issuing their resolutions as part of due process. The reason seems to be another, but no deputy or deputy explains it.

They are not required to do so in the venue, but it would be necessary since the vote It is the last step of the mechanism by which judicial officials are appointed who will be for lifewhile his good conduct lasts.

Only the Left Front stated that, as is the practice, it does not follow the appointments of judges because it questions the selection mechanism.

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