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Neighbors assured that they will go to court if the project continues

by drbyos

This Wednesday the mayor of Cipolletti, Claudio Di Tella held a meeting with the residents of the area to provide details about Procrear II. The benchmark of the auctioneer’s school and the neighbors They expressed their opinion about their position after the meeting and showed their rejection.

The benchmark of the Cipolletti Association of Hammersmiths, Alejandra Pino explained that at the meeting “the different sectors explained that the residents of the neighborhood highlight their acquired right at the time of buying the land in the neighborhood«.

And he explained that the opposition is not against the project but against the place where they want to carry it out: «No party opposed the construction of houses, the problem is in the area they want to do it. Today the neighbors have saturated services and they want to build more than 200 houses«.

He also explained that his opposition arises starting an argument about the history of the city and it is related to the position that they raised from the National Meteorological Service Station.

«They want to remove the meteorological center that was born before Cipolletti. There are international standards that prohibit it.. Besides They are raffling off one of the green spaces that we have leftis the third that we have left in the city, “he argued.

And he questioned: «Why put homes in a place that was intended as green spacethat gives us identity as cipoleños and accompanies the Weather Station ».

They stated that during this morning’s meeting, the municipality only explained the details of the project but did not attend to the neighbors’ proposals. «All the technical explanations that were made that we already knew, They stated that the project was going ahead and there was the chaos in the meeting, it was not to listen to usthey continue as if they were monarchs, the citizenry has to be heard, the organic charter is being violated, “said Pino.

He assured that if the project continues, as proposed by the municipality, are determined to bring the matter to justice. «If we have to reach the appeal for protection, we will do it, would be to go through the rights of citizens. We spent three hours to be told at the end that the project is still running, if so, we will have to go to court«, confirmed the referent of the College of Hammers.

Procrear in Cipolletti: «We do not disagree with the project, the problem is the physical space

The former candidate for mayor of the city, Valeria Lo Cacciato was present at the meeting as part of the neighborss. He explained that the opposition is related to the place where they plan to carry out Procreate. II. «None of us who were present disagreed with the housing project.a, the problem is in the physical space that they want to do it, “he said.

He explained that the main problem is related to the supply of services: “There is no way to sustain it in the area, it is a service problem. ANDs generate a problem to the problem with broken promises«.

And he described that during the meeting they asked the municipality to move the project to the north of the city. «In this area they will be saturated, you have to take all services to the north, aim to grow and expand new spaces for development in another area. This is already overflowing », he commented.

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