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Correction. After being ranked seventh in the previous round, the Enduro Sherco Motul in Antanetibe-Mahazaza in Mahitsy, at the beginning of June, Claudio Tida climbed the slope and ensured the Grand Prix of Ilakaka. The race counting for the national motocross round took place on June 25, on the Ilakaka circuit. The multiple national champion, Claudio Tida, took the victory in the MX1 category, beating his main rival, Mathias Plantive, winner of the previous round. Mahery completes the podium in the elite 1 category. The MX2 category trophy went to Andy. He was closely followed by Cédric and Liuo-Leï respectively second and third in the category. Miaro Razafimahefa offers victory among the juniors. Kentin Sikina occupies, for his part, the second place in front of Styven. On the veteran side, Rapa wins the category I trophy while that of category 2 is delighted by Tity. After the Ilakaka Grand Prix, the federation plans to field representatives of the country in the race of nations in South Africa in August.

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