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Moscow warns ships in Black Sea after grain deal expires

by drbyos

Cover image: In the seaport of Odessa, Ukraine, July 16, 2023. STRINGER / REUTERS

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Russia will consider all ships traveling to Ukrainian Black Sea ports as “potential military boats”from Thursday. “As a result, the flag countries of these ships will be considered to be involved in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the kyiv regime”the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.For the second night in a row, the Ukrainian region of Odessa was targeted by Russian attacks including missiles and drones. This new salvo of attacks left at least twelve injured during the night in this Ukrainian region, according to its governor, Oleh Kiper. The Russian army confirmed having struck during the night “military industrial sites, fuel infrastructure and ammunition depots of the Ukrainian army” near Odessa.Five neighboring countries of Ukraine call on the European Union to be able to extend their import restrictions cereals from Ukraine: Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.A fire broke out on Wednesday at military ground in eastern Ukraine’s annexed Crimea peninsula, reported the local Russian governor, Sergei Aksionov. More than 2,000 people have been evacuated, authorities said.Wagner’s mercenaries will no longer fight in Ukraine and will go to Africa, says Yevgeny Prigozhin in a video posted Wednesday by the Wagner Group on Telegram.Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend BRICS summit scheduled for the end of August in Johannesburg, the South African presidency announced on Wednesday, ending several months of speculation on the subject.The United States announced on Wednesday 1.16 billion euros in additional aid to security for Ukraine. The package includes air defense capabilities, munitions, and vehicles.European Union member states begin discussion to fund aid to Ukraine term, Thursday, at the Council of Foreign Ministers.Finland announces the closure of a Russian consulate on its territory. This decision is a response to the closure of the Finnish consulate in Saint Petersburg – notified by Russia on July 6, explained in a press release the office of the Finnish Prime Minister.

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