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More than seven thousand people signed up to fill goalkeeper positions in Neuquén

by drbyos

The job offer that summoned many people who came to camp outside the Provincial Council of Education (CPE) waiting for the registrations to cover goalkeeper charges in Neuquén schools, finally came to an end. Thus, the provincial director of Human Resources of the CPE, reported how the list of applicants was and how the process continues.

Last week it was given After the registration period for the job offer to cover temporary positions such as porters or service assistants in the provincial capital. Although registration began on June 13, the day before, many people decided to camp outside the CPE building, thus reflecting the demand that exists in the city to achieve insertion in the labor market. For at least three days it was carried out the inscription that summoned thousands of people.

In communication with provincial media, the provincial director of Human Resources of the Provincial Education Council (CPE), Carla Taboada, said that the number of people who signed up was surprising: “there were a large number of people. There were more than 9,000 people, but with the requirements the numbers dwindled”, explained.

In this sense, he commented that there were people who came from nearby areas, the majority being from Plottier, which also drew attention since in August of last year there was a similar job offer. Both people who came from other cities and those who came and were not part of the age range expressed in the requirements, were left off the list. “Many came and asked to take them into account, but we couldn’t because that was reflected in the requirements,” he said.

Taboada indicated that people who met the requirements but did not have devices to register, so in those cases, they did it manually from the Human Resources office. Even with those people who came and failed to register, Taboada pointed out that the number totally exceeded expectations: “in 2019 we opened registration and there were 1,800 people who signed up, this time there were more than 7,000”.

«Although it is known that the educational system demands personnel because schools are opened all the time, it seems to me that the number of applicants is much higher than what will be required in the future And what will happen to us is that perhaps when we call them we will not be able to contact them because of the amount of time that passes,” Taboada said. For this reason, he clarified that although all those who registered are taken into accountthe process until the position can be filled is much longer given that the postulates would be “replacements of vacancies that do not yet exist And we still have a list of people who scored from 2019″.

“Today we have around 8,000 service assistants throughout the province.In order for me to call a replacement, I have to have a permanent staff assistant requesting a leave of 15 days or more”, He pointed out and added that the people registered this year could only be called for next year when the current list has been exhausted. On the other hand, he clarified that once the first list is exhausted, what is done is to gather the data of the registered and make a raffle, only in that instance the corresponding person will be called.

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