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Milei’s libertarians and neighborhood supporters sealed an alliance

by drbyos

To the extensive list of political parties and alliances authorized to participate in the municipal elections of Bariloche, was added a new structure where libertarians come together referenced with Javier Milei and three neighborhood parties, including the original force of Governor Arabela Carreras. In addition, at the closing of the terms, The UCR was not integrated into Cambia Río Negro and will go alone in the compulsa.

with the denomination “We add for Bariloche” The alliance that makes up the neighborhood party appeared in the Provincial Electoral Justice -before the deadline that expired yesterday at 9:30 a.m. Podemos Bariloche, led by councilor Pablo Chamatrópulos, who will be the candidate for mayor of this force; he south party which was created by former mayor Alberto Icare and had among its founders Carreras, now a candidate for Together We Are Black River; the neighborhood Civic and Social Engagement and the FE party (linked to Milei).

Meanwhile, the alliance was enabled Cambia Río Negro- Together for Change with the same structure that participated in the provincial elections, that is, only with PRO and ARIleaving the UCR out, despite the fact that the party aspired to form the municipal coalition as it did in 2019 when it won a seat in the Council.

The rest of the alliances recognized for the provincial election also have authorization to compete in Bariloche and they did not have to resubmit documentationexcept that they require changes in the conformation but that did not happen in any case.

In this way, the alliances Juntos Somos Río Negro, Río Negro Unites Us, Let’s Go with All, the Left and Workers’ Front (FITu), and We Can Project Río Negro (PPR) are enabled.

In the case of the new alliance, Sumamos por Bariloche, the formalization has a pending point that is the income of the party FE, which years ago was created by the trade unionist “Momo” Venegas and which is the structure of Milei in the region. The dilemma is that up to now this party is pending in the Provincial Electoral Justice, so it is not yet authorized to participate in Rio Negro or municipal elections, although it is in the national orbit.

It transpired that in the gestation of this neighborhood coalition the PRO was included in the conversationswhich is even mentioned in the conformation document, but which he did not sign in the end.

He PRO has an open home front with the list that the ARI presented the day before yesterday and that, with a former leader of its ranks, Carlos Aristegui, seeks to remain with the representation of the coalition in the municipal elections of September. Both parties allied they must resolve how the final list is formed that they will present in the Municipal Electoral Board before July 10.

It was also learned that in the context of the Left Front alliancewhich is made up of Partido Obrero, MST, PTS and Izquierda Socialista, it will be this last force that heads the list and a benchmark in its sector will go for the mayor’s office.

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