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Mendoza’s example

by drbyos

Carlos Alfredo Maroa Neuquen

It seems that Río Negro and Neuquen have plenty of money.

The dams are going to pass into the hands of the Nation and we don’t even move a hair. I’m referring to this government and the next one, since it has a first and last name.

The resources are ours since 1994. Ours.

What are we afraid of? What kind of government do we have in the two provinces?

Puppet governments?

At least a project for badly liquidated royalties should be presented and if it does not advance, go to the Supreme Court of Justice, in the face of so much injustice and abuse of the Nation.

Mendoza has already started something similar to what I am commenting on these lines.

That province also controls 3 hydroelectric plants out of a total of 7 plants.

And he wants to control the 7 plants.

We see it go by and we are left with nothing.

The same thing is going to happen with the GPNK, they are going to give us crumbs on account of the royalties.

And everything comes from our Neuquén soil.


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