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Mar Lucas spoke for the first time about his relationship with Rusherking: what did he say

by drbyos

The Spanish influencer Mar Lucas Vilar first referred to his relationship with Rusherking. since a few weeks they are romantically linked.

The singer gave him a interview with the Mexican Paola Sossa and there he referred to the subject. Begining of June, Mar was seen with Rusherking during the Argentine singer’s stay in Spain.

«At times we are friends“said Mar Lucas, with a suggestive smile.

«There are rumors that you hang out with Rusherking. I was stalking and suddenly you came out of a concert with a jacket very similar to his. Do you go with him? Are you not with him? », they asked the Spanish woman.

«no no we are friendswe get along very well, we had a great time and that’s it, “said the influencer.

«And why isn’t there something else? Do we need the bouquet of roses and the movie story? What does it take to say yes?“The Mexican wanted to know.

“No, I don’t know. At the moment we are friends and that’s it. And very good vibes, he takes care of me a lot… He gives me a lot of advice in music, because I admire him a lot and he is an incredible artist. He gives me a lot of advice, he helps me a lot in music. And nothing, very well, “closed Mar Lucas.

The incredible resemblance of Mar Lucas with La China Suárez

Rusherking separated a few months ago from Eugenia “La China” Suarez. Now the artist seems to have found love again. It would be a Spanish influencer.

The singer was traveling through Europe and in Spain He was very close to Mar Lucasa young influencer whom everyone called the Rusher’s supposed new girlfriend.

the young is dedicated to music and modeling but on social networks drew attention to resemblance of the instagramer with La China Suarez.

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