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Manu Urcera against Indiana Cubero? Why did they distance themselves before the complaint to Nicole Neumann

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Indiana Cubero faces her mother, Nicole Neumann, in courtfor alleged actions of mistreatment against her, which brought the model back into the public eye. In that context, Manu Urcera entered the controversythe future husband of the famous, who would have played as one of the reasons for the distance between mother and daughter.

It is that, as stated in the court case that runs in the Family Court No. 2 of Tigre, Manu Urcera would have used a strong phrase against Indiana Cuberothe eldest daughter of the model with Fabian Cubero: “Again Quilombo with this asshole of m…“, the Rio Negro pilot would have said.

However, the distance between Manu Urcera and Indiana Cubero would have started long agoafter a trip that Nicole Neumann’s daughter shared with the athlete to Entre Ríos in March of last year, along with other friends of his.

as told Nancy Duré in “Partners of the Show”after this trip It was Fabián Cubero who got very angry with that situation, later led to the restriction of leaving the country of Nicole Neumann together with their daughters.

After that episode, the relationship between Manu Urcera, Nicole Neumann and Indiana Cubero would have begun to deteriorate. It is that, although they assure that the pilot is in charge of the expenses of the daughters of the model, he would have “a very bad mood”assured Duré and with your partner “they fight a lot”.

That situation would have questioned the wedding between Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcerawho would have crossed a strong crisis last Maywhen They traveled to Rio de Janeiro to mend the relationship before marriage.

The key role of Claudio Urcera in the relationship of Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera

As indicated in «Partners of the Show», Claudio Urcera, Manu Urcera’s father, “loves Nicole Neumann” explained Nancy Duré. In that context, he would have had an act of great generosity with the couple, before the marriage.

«Claudio Urcera sees Nicole Neumann as Manu’s mother. That’s why, he would have given the two a piece of land in Nordelta valued at 900 thousand dollars» summarized Nancy Duré about the family bond.

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