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Luis Ventura exploded again against Jorge Rial and issued a heartfelt warning: “If something happens to me …”

by drbyos

They were partners and friends, but a personal disagreement put a stop to their emblematic relationship. And although it seemed that things between Jorge Rial and Luis Ventura seemed to be working out, Both journalists are going through the most conflictive moment of their relationship today.

It is that this Tuesday, the panelist of A la Tarde (America) learned that the ex-host of Intruders (America) he dedicated lapidary words to him and, for that reason, he again exploded in fury.

It was in the program hosted by Karina Mazzocco, when the journalist María Vázquez read a message on the air in which Rial made a special request to his daughter Morena. “Can I ask you a favor? Never talk to Luis Ventura again, block him. I don’t want any more contact with that person from me…”, the message said.

Hearing those words, Ventura was fired up and counterattacked with everything. “That shit that saved your daughter from suicide, with her veins cut when her dad wasn’t answering the phone! Three hours later daddy showed up! The next day he gave statements that he had called here and there… Did you forget that one?“said the driver.

And along the same lines, he added: “But you know what, I never picked up the phone, because you did the same thing to me as to the other godfather (of More), who is ever going to explain that you asked him to sign in court to get it done charge of what you did, ”he launched.

And he completed his speech with a harsh warning: “We forgot about the knife in the kidneys there at the pole, when you opened a program saying that you were going to shoot Fort in the head or what you did with some colleagues. We talk about it whenever you want in court and with witnesses. And if something happens to me, know that this has to do with it!”.

Last week, Morena Rial revived the fight with her father. The media gave an interview in which she told details of her father’s personal life. One of the most surprising revelations was the real reason the driver distanced himself from Ventura.

Morena Rial revealed the real reason for the fight between Jorge Rial and Luis Ventura: “It was for Loly”

It all started when Ventura himself asked the influencer a question about his scandalous dismissal from Intruders (America) in 2014. “Someone very close to me told me that for La Niña Loly, Rial cut off my head”, indicated the panelist. And, far from being misunderstood, More confirmed it: “It was a fight they had at my house.”.

Upon hearing this information, the journalist pointed out that he always defended the model and slipped that changed information could have reached him. “I was the ogre and, maybe, there were decisions that people thought I made, but it was not like that“, held.

At that moment, Morena took over and recalled: “They fought in the room. She claimed that how could she have a person like that next to her and said that he gave her a bad image. He was very manipulable by Mariana so I guess that was it.”.

In closing, Morena expressed: “I think my dad did not do well to send him to Ventura, less because they were lifelong friends and less because of a conch… of the moment”.

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