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Listen to Gilda’s hit recreated with AI to encourage the Argentine National Team

by drbyos

Less than two weeks to start Women’s Soccer World Cup 2023 which will be held in New Zealand and Australia, an appliance company recreated a well-known Gilda song with Artificial Intelligence to support the Argentine national team.

Those directed by Germán Portanova who will have their World Cup debut on July 24 against Italy at Eden Park, they already have their song. It is a version created with the melody “I have lost a heart” by Gilda.

«You have to encourage your selection, you have to encourage from the heart, from the head. That I don’t care if you win, that I don’t care if you lose, I follow them (…)», This is how the tropical cumbia hit begins Dedicated to the Argentine National Team.

“The cup is coming and the girls deserved their own theme,” they indicated from Noblex through a post on his social network.

the appliance company He has stood out for demonstrating his sympathy for soccer through the creation of marketing strategies in support of the Argentine men’s team and now, he did the same with the women’s team.

In addition, in the same post they said that made the decision to create the theme with Artificial Intelligence, using “the voice behind many breath-taking themes.”«, so that now I also encourage them.

Road to the 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup: when will the Argentine National Team play

The start of the tournament will be on Thursday, July 20 and the final is set for Sunday, August 20also in the city of Sydney.

Argentina will participate in its fourth Women’s World Cup where its main objective is to qualify for the round of 16 for the first time in its history. During the regular phase they will face Sweden, South Africa and Italy.

He The debut of the national team will be on July 24 against the Italians in Auckland. Then, on the 27th of the same month they will play against the Africans in Dunedin and will close the group stage against the Nordic cast on August 2.

With the official list of the 23 players who will compete in the World Cup the delegation will move on July 13 to San Nicolás to prepare the farewell match against Peru. Miriam Mayorga from Bariloche join the list.

After the friendly, the players will return to Buenos Aires to begin preparations for Oceania. Those summoned together with the coaching staff, doctor and assistants will travel in two batches to Australia between July 16 and 17 from Ezeiza International Airport.

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