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Let’s bring Batman and Charles Bronson, listen to the new podcast. Did you listen to Berto?

by drbyos

RÍO NEGRO PODCAST publishes a weekly series by journalist Guillermo Berto. A thread of connections between the judiciary and the political. Week after week he tackles different topics with a shrewd eye.

Episode: Bring Back Batman and Charles Bronson

Another time they burned the house of a teenager in Neuquén.

It doesn’t matter when you listen to this podcast, it happens all the time. Answers are sought in the wrong places, and decisions are made that we later regret..

As homes burn and jails are packed like never before in historyDo you want to know a little more about the 15-year-old boy whose house was burned down? Knowing always helps.

Listen to the new episode here:

Episode: One Hour of Sun a Day

This week We are talking about mailboxes. Is it the same as talking about the letters they contain? Or of the contents that in turn contain the letters? Messages within messages, good or bad, that ever reach their destination. It’s a matter of wanting to hear them.

And what if the mailboxes are inside other mailboxes, larger, waterproof, hidden, forgotten?

Too many questions to be able to answer them with just one hour of sun per day.

Better listen to them. listen to the message:

Episode: between ravioli and gnocchi, there will be room for everyone

Hay many boxes to complete in the central administration, decentralized agencies, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch. There are plenty of vacancies for lawyers and lawyers: a legal adviser is not denied to anyone. That is also part of what is being discussed in the transition in Neuquén.

In this chapter the journalist william berto He talks about the cadres that are trained in the public administration and end up retired, by choice or by force. Who are the ones who leave because they want to and the ones pushed to leave, and the ones who threatened to leave and now it turns out that they stay.

He recalls a discussion in the middle of the street that had something of a consortium fight mixed with a family after-dinner brawl. And as a main dish, heThe well-appointed songs that sound at Alberdi 52 and that apply to the entire Judicial City. Listen to it:

Episode: Validate, the key to our times

Episode: He said “justice has to change” and put it first

Episode: Invasion of Chilean judges for favorable change

Episode: How expensive is a water tank

Episode: Uprising in the Neuquén Judiciary

Episode: The Prosecutor is an Artificial Intelligence!

Episode: Please someone answer the phone, there is abuse of children

Episode: What will happen in the Neuquén Judiciary post #16A

Episode: Little Devil, Can’t You See the Bloody Letter Goes In?

Episode: Exclusive preview: the speeches of who won and who lost the gubernatorial election in Neuquén

Episode: A Cat and Dog Election Campaign

Episode: With the police at every corner, do you feel safe?

Episode: Session to find spirits… of the laws

Episode: Double femicide, you have to stop patriarchy for many years

Episode: Juliana, a Neuquén neighborhood story

Episode: Convention, the Portuguese verb that arrived in Neuquén

Episode: Scam with social plans and the eternal loop that Neuquén lives

Episode: The Neuquén Judicial Council is renewed!

Episode: Pedro Jofré, the ladle and the big bear

Episode: Qatar 2022: subheadquarters Judicial City Neuquén

Episode: Between the poker player and a selfie

Episode: Disarm one of the idioms: “When politics comes through the door, justice goes out the window”.

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