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Larreta, in campaign mode: he questioned Bullrich and distanced himself from Macri: “That model failed”

by drbyos

The Juntos por el Cambio candidate, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, questioned the speech of Patricia Bullrich, his political rival within the party, and at the same time distanced himself from the PRO line that led Mauricio Macri to victory in 2015. “I propose something different”, He stated in radio statements.

The Juntos por el Cambio intern begins to warm up. Already at the start of the campaign at PASO, the candidate Horacio Rodríguez Larreta He took advantage of a series of criticisms of his opponent, Patricia Bullrich, to distance himself from whoever was his mentor, the leader of the PRO Mauricio Macri.

In radio statements this WednesdayLarreta expressed his opposition to Bullrich’s campaign proposals, linked to the “how”, that is, the form and tenor with which future government decisions will be made.

«And the how makes all the difference, the how is the difference between achieving it and not. Patricia proposes it from the strong message. That didn’t work. We have 100 years of antinomies, fights; people who don’t think like me are the enemy, that they have to be killed, that everything the political adversary says is wrong, that the government has to start from scratch“explained Rodríguez Larreta.

Hence, he insists on marking a separation from the discourse of what Bullrich proposes. “That model failed, look how we are today, following that model,” Larreta questioned this Wednesday in an interview on La Red.

Then followed a comment from the JxC candidate that drew attention: «It is what Mauricio Macri tried, I propose something different. That we build a new solid and firm majority to promote something in Argentina that has governability, but so that the change is maintained over time”, he expressed.

In this way, Larreta marked a change in regards to the discourse and showed a distancing from the “model” of the PRO that allowed Cambiemos to achieve victory in 2015.

“Change is worth it if it changes people’s lives and is maintained over time, otherwise it is just another round trip on this pendulum. The difference is clear: the only possible path is to build a new solid majority, which is not unanimity.”, argued the presidential candidate who will go with the radical Gerardo Morales as vice president.

In the interview this Wednesday, Larreta also said that he last spoke with Macri about two weeks ago. “I will never make a personal criticism and neither when others do it with me, because unity is above everything”, clarified the head of the Buenos Aires Government.


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