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L-Gante wrote another letter from jail and launched a desperate plea to his lawyer: “Cipolla, get me out now”

by drbyos

L-Gante He spoke again from prison. This time the musician, who is being held for the crime of illegal deprivation of liberty aggravated by the use of a weapon, simple threats and illegal possession of a firearm, He sent a letter to his lawyer, Alejandro Cipolla.

From the DDI of Quilmes, the referent of cumbia 420 made a desperate request to his defender: “I feel like a media political prisoner. Cipolla take me out, now”

The last letter of L-Ghent.  (Photo: Instagram / alejandro_cipolla)
The last letter from L-Gante to his lawyer, Alejandro Cipolla.

The letter was released this Monday through Cipolla’s own social networks. The singer’s legal representative had earlier insisted with a “request for the immediate release” of the musician, to which a prosecutor objected.

It is not the first letter that L-Gante has launched from prison. This Sunday he had shared another manuscript in which he made it clear that he is aware of what is spread about him on television and pointed directly against the complainant lawyer.

If I don’t win, I prefer not to win. Diego from ‘Crónica’, you are right, for many I am more than a pimple”, he started exposing.

And along the same lines, he added: “I love listening to (Doctor Leonardo) Sigal live, haha. He has less chamu, the turros turn him around like a tortilla”.

“Thanks for the stamina, I am re piola. Resting. See you soon and better than ever”, he finished.

The last letter that L-Gante wrote from the Quilimes police station.  (Photo: Instagram / lgante_keloke)
L-Gante preferred the written medium to speak from prison.

The request of L-Gante’s lawyer after providing key evidence to the case and the opposition of the prosecution

After the appearance of the video that could prove the artist’s innocence, the lawyer asked for his “immediate release.” For this reason, Alejandro Cipolla showed that he already sent the request for the film record to be incorporated into the case.

“Already presented, we hope that the Guarantee Judge, Dr. Castro, grant the immediate freedom of Elián“, he pointed. In addition, he shared another story in which he regretted the threats that the legal representative of the artist’s complainant would have suffered.

This defense does not support threats to colleagues who are carrying out their professional work or to any person. Likewise, it is not the responsibility of this party how the other party tries to saddle up, if they expose themselves in the media, they become public figures, if people give their opinion about them or their work exceeds this legal party, since there are other lawyers who sponsor complaints against L-Gante, who is not giving interviews,” he said.

For its part, the prosecution did not respond positively to the request. Prosecutor Raúl Villalba pointed out that the place, origin or time of the new video provided by the defense cannot be proven. In the material, the victim is supposedly observed getting into the singer’s car spontaneously.

For the prosecutor Elián Valenzuela must remain detained as the author of the crime of “illegitimate deprivation of liberty, in an ideal contest with coercive threats aggravated by the use of weapons and for being perpetuated against a member of public power”; “illegitimate deprivation of liberty in an ideal contest with coercive threats aggravated by the use of a weapon”; and “simple possession of narcotic drugs as author.”

“We lack certain knowledge regarding its origin, place, date, time and other circumstances regarding who would turn out to be responsible for said obtaining for its filming and obtaining the record,” he said in his letter, rejecting the incorporation of a video provided by the defense of L-Ghent in the last hours.

For this reason, the prosecutor Villalba asked that the current situation of the referent of cumbia 420 not be modified.

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