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Karina the Little Princess made a desperate request to her mother: “Intername”

by drbyos

Karina the Little Princess gender worry among his fans for your social media postsalluding to the mental health problems that he experiences and attends with medical personnel. That situation was ratified by her mother, Mónica Cuellowho counted a harsh request made by his daughter while going through this painting.

Mónica Cuello visited LAM this Thursday, hosted by Ángel de Britoand there he told that the most dramatic moment he went through with Karina la Princesita was when she was trying to overcome a picture of depressionwhich affected her in her daily life.

The Karina’s mom revealed that, in a moment of much distress, she asked him “to interne”y He did not know how to react then to help the singer. “Once I was Very bad, I don’t know if he’s going to get angry… But he told me: ‘Mom, please admit me’» Monica told.

«I called everywhere, I didn’t know where to shoot. Kari is very tight-lipped, she is very strange that he said something like that to me» deepened Monica on her daughter’s mental health.

Finally, Monica revealed that “I saw that she was nervous and things happened that made her feel bad.. She is great, she is not poor. In her place, I don’t know what I could have done.“, he concluded Karina’s mom the little princess.

The worrying message from Karina the little princess

Karina The Little Princessin addition to having encouraged to openly discuss his depressionpointed against the Polishfather of her daughter Solwhy spends only two days a week with the teenager. In this context, during one of his shows, he stopped the music and made a loud release on stagepointing very hard against the owners of the place for the lousy sound.

After the claims to his ex and his tremendous anger during his show, The singer released a decisive message that caused a lot of concern among her fans. “I’m going away, that’s it”he wrote on a black background, without elaborating.

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