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JSRN councilors presented a project to create a Security Council, in Roca

by drbyos

Criminal acts in the city of Roca increase day by day, that is why since the block of councilors of Juntos Somos Río Negro (JSRN) presented a project to create the Security Council.

In it they explain that crimes “They worry the public about their quantity and violence”. They also point out that “it leads us to deal with citizen participation in security matters.”

In turn, the creation of this Council «It consists of determining jointly with neighbors, educational communities, state authorities, security forces, academic, religious, and cultural institutions., College of Professionals, Chamber of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce (CAIC), associations, clubs, NGOs, unions, unions, firefighters and civil defense; actions and decisions that allow security resources to be directed to the sources where it is considered a priority,” they stated.

Role of citizens and the State

In the project they believe that the residents of the city play a fundamental role and it is to influence so that the services respond to their needs.

They further propose that “the resources that the municipal state has are allocated, in part, to the needs expressed by the communitynot only to address the conflict in the places where it arises but so that the local state response is efficient».

Your idea is “provide greater security at the entrance and exit of educational establishments, squares, primary care centers, sports fields and clubs.”

“The Security Council will function from the mobilization of different private and state actors with the goal of making their communities not only safer and more reliable placesbut to create with whom the neighbors have a sense of belonging and responsibility, in order to get involved in their care and participate in the education of the community in good habits of coexistence”, they point out.

This program would allow the development of crime prevention strategiesskilful mechanisms to save resources and direct efforts to the actions that those involved believe necessary.

«Safety is everyone’s problem and citizens have the right to have a participation framework in the elaboration of security policies and to evaluate the management carried out by the different municipal administrations, police and justice. Defending a security and transparent management and made facing the citizens, “they point out.


The Security Council would have the following objectives:

– Promote the approach of coordinated and interdisciplinary intervention of community protection.

– Develop action strategies aimed at comprehensive prevention.

– Encourage citizen participation.

– Prepare proposals for preventive actions.

– Establish lines of strategic intervention.

-Design strategies in order to improve comprehensive prevention.

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