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Joaquín, the 14-year-old teenager murdered by his friend, was fired

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Hundreds of residents of Laboulaye the remains of Joaquín Sperani were fired yesterdaythe 14-year-old boy who was beaten to death by a friend of the same age, amid applause and grimaces of pain and disbelief.

Around 5:30 p.m., the coffin carrying the body of the adolescent was carried from the place where the wake was held, at the Huracán club, where he played soccer, and to school, the places he frequented.

Finally, the boy’s remains were buried in the Jesús Redentor cemetery, in the town in the southwest of Cordoba, which is experiencing total shock over what happened.

In the last few hours it became known that the teenager received a total of 18 blows to the headaccording to the conclusions of the autopsy on his body, which was carried out in the city of Río Cuarto.

The boy died from head trauma and that he suffered brain damage that caused his immediate death, after receiving blows to the head, revealed the report released by the Cadena 3 website.

The suspect in the crime is 14 years old and is unimputable

Meanwhile, the alleged perpetrator of the crime, a teenager of the same age, was transferred this Monday to a juvenile detention center for “safekeeping”.

The young manwho would have confessed to the authorship of the murder, he is inimputable because of his ageand is available to the judge of Control, Childhood, Adolescence, Juvenile Criminal, Family and Gender Violence and Misdemeanors of Laboulaye, Sebastián Moro.

The judicial information indicates that “the alleged non-punishable participation of a 14-year-old boy could be established” in the death of Joaquín and adds that “the adolescent involved in the event is currently housed for his protection at the Admission and Diagnostic Center (CAD), which depends on the Esperanza Complex, in the city of Córdoba”, where in the next few hours Diagnostic, psychosocial and environmental studies will be carried out.

Mariela Flores, Joaquín’s mother, assured that she was “raising a man, a responsible being and not just anything”, while stressing that her son was a “correct” child. «He was a correct boy. I was raising a man, a responsible being and not just anything. I give values ​​to my children,” said Flores, who also said that her and Leandro’s son, the teenager who would have confessed to the crime, “were very friends.”

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