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Joaquín Sperani’s family lawyer spoke of a “plan to kill him”

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The lawyer for the family of Joaquín Sperani, the 14-year-old teenager beaten to death by his friend in the Cordoba town of Laboulaye, spoke of the existence of a plan to end the life of the little boy. «He had discernment to put together a plan and kill »commented the lawyer before the local press.

Likewise, it was confirmed the existence of acts of “contempt” towards the victim by one of his classmates.

Raúl Frencia, who legally represents Martín Sperani and Marcela Flores, assured that Joaquín’s crime “hit the community in general” and considered that “It is a complex question that between two friends this horror has been premeditated.”

According to France, the suspect “he analyzed the fact and had the discernment necessary to put together a plan and kill himI think that a boy of that age, without being a sociologist, psychologist or anthropologist, could say that he had the ability to put together a plan to kill him”, for which he demanded that the possibility of “lowering the age of criminal prosecution” be analyzed. .

“What happened is very difficult for everyone, because it hit the community in general, it was a very hard blow,” said the lawyer, who added regarding the fact: “It is a complex issue, andt is difficult to understand that two people, two teenagers who were such friends, one of them premeditated this horror, because if we think about it, a 14-year-old boy having the ability to take a friend to death and in this way, is unintelligible”.

“That is what surprises you. So the hypothesis of only one sometimes makes one doubt, it does not mean that there are other people, it simply makes one doubt. I cannot have access to the case, so I do not know if the Juvenile Court is investigating that there may be another person being the author or participant in this aberrant act”, he clarified about the rumors that speak of the possible participation of a third party.

Although, the lawyer was forceful in his hypothesis: “What we do have clear is that this boy induced Joaquín to go to a place where he met his death. It can’t be an impulsebecause there is a systematic plan to get to that place, because they leave school, who had not even entered class, they leave together, go around the block, and enter that abandoned house “, where the body of Joaquin last Sunday.

The lawyer explained that, although there is a security camera next to that abandoned house that recorded the passage of Joaquín and his friend, the images do not show when they entered, and said that the alleged attacker “had Joaquín’s cell phone, and when they ask him ‘why do you have the cell phone,’ he said, ‘because he dropped it and I had it’and they find a signal that the cell phone was by the lake and then the signal disappears.”

The lawyer asked for prudence regarding the final result of the autopsy, assuring that for the moment a preliminary report was released that talk about more than 10 blows to the head with different elementsbut that does not stop being a version.

On the other hand, he considered thatthere were acts that could be considered bullying, that is, contempt towards Joaquín, and I think the authorities did not take urgent measures, because they thought they were those jokes that are made between boys”.

Joaquín Sperani’s crime: the chronology of the events

According to what is stated in the case, Joaquín disappeared last Thursday when he arrived at the Ipem school No. 278 “Malvinas Argentinas”, He left the bicycle in the school yard and left without going to class.

The security cameras in the area analyzed so far show the moment in which the boy walks along the sidewalk of the school accompanied by his friend and schoolmate who later confessed to the crime, according to sources of the investigation.

Joaquín’s parents were alarmed when they did not hear from him after school -since, according to what they explained, they were never notified by the school that their son had not attended- and They filed a complaint that gave rise to the search.

Finally, on Sunday the body of the adolescent was found by neighbors in an abandoned house located 100 meters from the school, after which Joaquín’s friend was arrested, who cannot be charged with the crime because he is 14 years old and is not punishable according to law.

The preliminary autopsy determined that the boy had multiple blows to the head that caused polytrauma to the skull and brain damage that led to his death.

For his part, Judge Sebastián Moro, who is carrying out the investigation of the crime, held a videoconference with the adolescent accused of the actin which a public defender also participated who will represent him in the juvenile criminal process to which he will be subjected and in which he must be declared indictable due to his age.

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