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Jésica Cirio announced her separation from Martín Insaurralde: “We decided to take different paths”

by drbyos

Jessica Cirio announced his separation from Martín Insaurraldeafter 10 years of marriage and a daughter in common.

The host of La Peña de Morfi (Telefe) confirmed the news through a video. He had words of great affection towards Chloe’s father.

“Well, I have a thousand questions about the same thing. The reality is that yes, we are separated. We did not communicate it before because we needed to wait the prudent and necessary time for a couple and for a family”, said Jésica on Instagram.

“After 10 wonderful years of relationship, we decided to take different paths, different decisions in life than that It has nothing to do with letting us loveor stop loving each other, as a family,” he added.

Jésica Cirio separated from Martín Insaurralde: “He is an excellent father”

“He has three wonderful children who are Chloe’s brothers, who love her very much and she, to us, is the most important thing in the world. Martin is an excellent father. We were super, super happy in these 10 years of relationship. Oh well, Like any relationship, sometimes it comes to an end. and it is part of life”, added Jésica Cirio regarding her separation from Martín Insaurralde.

“Regarding the messages, It has nothing to do with the relationship, they are moments and states of the life that one is going through. And it happens that, sometimes, one communicates absolutely everything on the networks: the good and the bad. I want to clarify specifically that those messages have nothing to do with the relationship”, clarified the model and host regarding different messages that were presumed to be addressed to the politician.

Thank you all for the concern, but it seems to me that it was good to clarify it so that they stop saying a lot of things. Today, For us, the most important thing is Chloe’s growth and development. Logically, for her it is already difficult, as for any 5-year-old child, a separation from her parents. I know that we are going to bring forward the whole family with much love, respect and accompanying us in this process”.

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