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Javier Milei, who is the “liberal libertarian” candidate who wants to be president

by drbyos

Javier Milei, is an economist who became a deputy of the Nation for Libertad Avanza, the right-wing party founded by himself by dint of generating controversy in the country and the regioninsult the “political caste” and have effusive presentations in the media.

During his first television appearances, he began to flirt with the idea of ​​entering public administration, and In August 2020, he launched his presidential candidacy for 2023. He was the first to do it.

In 2021 with his own party, Libertad Avanza, he won two seats in the Chamber of Deputies. One is occupied by him, the other by his now pre-candidate for vice president, Victoria Villarruel.

Some surveys place him as a competitive candidate that made its way between the majority parties Unió por la Patria (ex-Frente de Todos) and Together for Change that polarize the political scene ahead of the presidential elections. They assure that it could eventually reach a ballot in the October elections.

He defines himself as the candidate of what he calls the “political anti-caste.” his motto is “I did not come to lead lambs, I came to wake up lions.” According to his own story, he lives with five English mastiff dogs that weigh around 100 kilos each and defines them as his family.

On the other hand, he said that, should he assume the presidencyhis sister Karina could become first lady.

As for the most controversial controversies that it generates are its demonstrations in favor of the free purchase of firearms, the sale of organs and against abortion. “Why does the state have to regulate everything? My first property is my body.” said. The National Central Single Coordinating Institute for Ablation and Implantation (INCUCAI) immediately repudiated his statements and clarified that organ donation is an act of solidarity and its trade is prohibited by law.

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