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“It’s as if ESMA was opened”

by drbyos

The emblematic dance venue of Neuquén“The Palms”, where the student Sergio Ávalos was last seen there, seeks to reopen its doors on July 8, under the name of “Sens”The lawyer for the missing young family stated that They do not agree with the opening and that it is of a mafia overtone. From the MPN they could not prohibit the opening in the Deliberative Council, so the issue went to commission and they will seek to deal with it in the session on July 6.

Sergio Ávalos was a young student who was studying Economics at the National University of Comahue in Neuquén and who was last seen on June 14, 2003, in the Las Palmas bowling alley. He advocatedfamily support, Sergio Herediahad indicated that they are involved the owner of the bowling alleyand the security personnel, among police, military and civilian.

the bowling alley It was in operation until about three years ago and a year ago the renovations began for the new dance venue that will open on July 8 under the name “Sens”.

He June 14 marked the 20th anniversary of Sergio’s disappearance, «That this news of the opening occurs a few days after its commemoration is not random, It is a message even with a mafia tint“, assured the lawyer.

Heredia commented that the Ávalos family was aware of the opening of the emblematic bowling alley and affirmed they don’t agree. «The Palms It is a symbol of the most disastrous things that happen in democracy, We do not agree that the municipality allows its opening, “he said.

The lawyer commented that the place should be closed since “a boy disappeared in there,” he exposed. “The fact of reopening it is like saying that the situation happened elsewhere, as if the ESMA was opened »he expressed.

Although Neuquén “is a leading province in terms of human rights,” the lawyer for the Ávalos family affirmed that the opening stains that leadership. «We appreciate Sergio’s murals, but the symbol of Las Palmas It is stronger than everything that can be done about it, “he explained.

Heredia indicated that the most worrying thing is “the symbolism” that surrounds the bowling alley, “why should it be a bowling alley, Isn’t there another type of business for that space?»he questioned. “That was a mafia den, corruption with dark businesses and we have everything proven, obviously that this is going the same way, “he assured.

Finally, Heredia commented that the tests on the place and the different investigations have already been carried out “but I would have left it where it is.” to reconstruct what happened. He also added that the case is on track and testimonies continue to be taken.

“Las Palmas” in Neuquén: progress in the investigation of the case

For the family lawyer, Sergio Herediathe information obtained from the investigation are already conclusive and reveal what happened on the day of his disappearance.

“We have it figured out after our investigation of so many years. In the sense that We already know what happened in the Las Palmas bowling alley”Heredia maintained and noted that it was something that they could “demonstrate in all this time.”

“The first thing we suspected was the same thing that happened in the Solano case. Ävalos was not alone in the bowling alley. I was with those who went to dance, so Ávalos’s companions saw what happened. That was the first thing we were able to prove to the judge and the prosecutor,” he said in a statement with “Let’s start,” by RÍO NEGRO RADIO,

He described that Ávalos’s disappearance occurred around 7 in the morning, “so he entered the nightclub until 7, there is no doubt about that, so the fact of the disappearance occurs when he was leaving with his companions. Then they lie.”

The lawyer stressed that the missing student’s jacket was found, “and it appears on the back of the bed in the university residence, so we conclude that one of the classmates wore Sergio Ávalos’s jacket.”

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