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“It’s a scam what they sold us”

by drbyos

The Neuquén Legislature approved the project sent by the Executive to use part of the resources of the anticyclical fund to settle the deficit of the retirement fund of the Neuquén Social Security Institute (ISSN) and the payment of debt services. The provincial deputy for the Left Front, Andrew White, visited the studio BLACK RIVER RADIOafter voting against the initiative: “They put the Trojan horse in us.”

«What was consolidated last night in the session, and was part of the debates we had in the Committee (on the Budget), is a great scam that what it seeks as a fund is to have resources from this savings bank, from the anticyclical fund, to clean up public debt,” said the legislator. He maintained that the government used an “extortion mechanism” by presenting it “as if it were something that is intended to resolve the ISSN situation.”

“There is the trap,” said Blanco, who proposed separating the projects and discussing them separately. «They did not do it because what they were looking for was this. And this, unfortunately, is a project that the Executive sent in agreement with the elected governor Rolando Figueroa. Because? The question is consistent, because the taking of debt that is coming due now, and that there are important maturities for the remainder of the year, They took it in 2016 when Rolando Figueroa was lieutenant governor”, questioned.

And he asked himself: «Where did this huge and exorbitant indebtedness end up, which is a heavy burden that the province has? On top of that, the States take it and the people pay for it, what is the issue like? Blanco recalled that the Left Front was opposed from the beginning to the anticyclical fund, “created with oil income, with the surpluses of gas and oil exports (since) its sole objective is assist oil companies at times when there is some contingency or economic crisis.

“Being saving money so that when there is a crisis, giving money to businessmen, it seems to us that it is an absolute nonsense in a province where schools explode, where classes do not start because there are structural difficulties, where in the public health system the guards are saturated,” he added.

THE FIT already has in view candidates for deputies

The alliances for the national elections closed and the Neuquén Left Front is preparing for the PASO. «At the national level, we have defined our partner Miriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño as candidates for president and vice president. We will be disputing, too, with Angélica Lagunas and Raúl Godoy the candidacies for deputies,” said Blanco.

He pointed out that, despite the fact that the Socialist Workers Movement will take its own candidates to the PASO, they have already made an agreement to support those who are final candidates: “We have the enormous challenge of standing up to a crisis that obviously needs the voice of the left to be heard.”

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