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The Malagasy Handball Federation has chosen to start the regrouping of our two national Akio teams in Vontovorona to get up to speed.

Without waiting for the official grouping launched by the State, in order to prepare our athletes who will defend the Malagasy colors at the 11th edition of the JIOI in 2023, from August 25 to September 4, the Malagasy Handball Federation has already taken the initiative to make a first regrouping of a month, from June 10 to July 10, at the sports complex of Vontovorona. Looking happy, in a good atmosphere full of complicity, in the beautiful environmental setting of Vontovorona, the flag bearers of Madagascar in handball are unanimous as to their objective: to adorn themselves with gold. “The only problem on which we are unanimous in complaining is the quality of the water we drink. We would like the Star to provide us with quality water, ”says a player who wishes to remain anonymous. Fifty handball players, half of whom are ladies, have left behind their daily lifestyle (families, children, husbands, boyfriends, work, etc.) to focus on the common objective of all athletes: to obtain good results at the house and winning the discipline’s two gold medals as the main objective until proven otherwise. Since March, Regina Clarisse Raheriarijaona, president of the Malagasy Handball Federation (FMH), has made it one of her federation’s priorities to prepare two national Akio teams to be ready for D-Day.

A reinforcement expatriate

“We have started the first grouping for a period of one month at the Vontovorona sports complex. With our means at hand, we will do our best to put the athletes at ease in the best possible conditions and I hope that they will give the best of themselves in return”, confides Clarisse Raherijaona. The players wake up at 6:30 a.m., have breakfast at 7 a.m. and start the first training session at 8:15 a.m., the ladies first, followed by the men. After the first training it is the lunch break. “The technical level is reliable, but we always try to improve the level of each athlete. We are aware that players from Reunion and Mayotte are strong in handball. For men, we trust local players. Among the ladies, there will be a reinforcement expatriate from Mayotte during the JIOI of 2023,” says Tillo Andriamiharinosy, coach.


Auguste Miharisoa, handballer
“Nothing is perfect in life. We will try to adapt to the situation that exists here. We have already known each other for a long time among players and this is one of our strengths. »

Rosella, handballeuse
“We have been ready for a long time, physically and above all mentally. In addition, we play at home and we count on the support of the Malagasy public. The preparation that we started in June is intensifying here in Vontovorona. Coaches are constantly making adjustments to our games through their experience. The team spirit animates us despite the small quarrels between girls. »

Hanitriniala Jenny Raoelimalala, rear-left:
“The twice-daily training continues. We live in a good understanding between girls. We will try to adapt to the reality on the ground. We are regrouping in Vontovorona to get away from the grind of everyday life by leaving the family, child, husband and boyfriend. The goal is to get the handball gold medal. »

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