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is France ready to face global warming?

by drbyos

Heat waves, drought, rising waters: extreme climatic events are becoming more frequent and will multiply in the coming years. Since June 2022, The world devotes a series of investigations and reports to the subject of adaptation to climate change (which you can find here).

This podcast episode looks back on the major issues we are facing: what should France do to organize itself in the face of the impacts of climate change? Should we start by recruiting firefighters or buying air conditioners? How can we make our cities liveable despite heat waves? How to plan this major and certain transformation?

Alexandre Florentin, councilor from Paris, and Magali Reghezza, geographer, guests of the “Human Heat” podcast.

Magali Reghezza is a geographer. She has been a member of the High Council for the Climate since 2019, where she notably carries out reflections on the question of adaptation. She has already been invited to “Human Heat” in May 2022 to explain the challenges of adapting to climate change.

Alexander Florentine is an adviser to Paris and a member of Génération Ecologie, he chaired the Paris 50 degrees mission. He also directs the Carbone 4 academy.

This episode was recorded live in the auditorium of the Monde Tuesday, July 4, 2023. It was produced by Adèle Ponticelli, directed by Amandine Robillard. Original music: Amandine Robillard. Thanks also to the team of Monde/Ateliers, Kevin Hurtaud, Justine Taillefer, Estelle Lavielle and Josefa Lopez, as well as Alexandre Ralha from Eyeshot, Cédric Rottier and the auditorium team.

“Human warmth” is a weekly podcast of reflection and debate on ways to face the climate challenge. Listen to a new episode for free every Tuesday, on Lemonde.fr, Apple Podcast, Acast or Spotify. Find all the episodes here.

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