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In Viedma they marched to demand justice for Jonathan Caracciolo

by drbyos

Family and friends of Jonathan Caracciolo held a march in Viedma to demand justice for his murder. The concentration was held in the 30 de Marzo neighborhood and from there they passed through the headquarters of the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Police Headquarters, the Government House and the central offices of the Judiciary.

The young man He died in the early hours of last Wednesday at the Artémides Zatti hospital after being shot in the chest. It was in the middle of the street while he was going to buy bread to share a dinner with his family.

Preliminary indications indicate that he received one of several shots that were fired in a possible confrontation in a sector close to his location, although the investigation has not yet been able to determine how the events were recorded and who was involved.

the march was marked by clear signs of pain from their relatives. His wife, Angélica Riquelme, fell ill, had to be assisted by the court guard and was later removed from the scene by an ambulance.

In the different public organizations that included the tour they were not received by any authority.

In the call through social networks, the family defined the victim as “the kindest, calmest, most hard-working person in this world of scourges” and that “on the night of July 5 they took his life and ours his family went with him too, they left us heartbroken.”

“We all ask for justice” they indicated and pointed out about the authors who “These scourges have to be caught and not come out again.”

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