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“In Nuevas Ideas we do not think about individual interests”

by drbyos

The deputy for the Cyan Bench, Alexia Rivas, highlighted the benefits that the reduction of municipalities and seats in the Legislative Assembly will bring, initiatives that will allow savings in State spending and increase the representativeness of Salvadorans according to the officials they obtain more support in the 2024 elections.

«There are studies that considered this new territorial ordering. In Nuevas Ideas we do not think of individual interests, we see it as a saving for the State and a way of restoring the credibility of the Legislative Assembly,” said the legislator.

In addition, Rivas affirmed that with the decrease in councils, the candidates with the greatest number of votes will be elected, “we are all within the same equalities and conditions,” he remarked.

Previous legislatures ignored the rulings of the Constitutional Chamber that ordered a reduction in the number of deputies, likewise, downplayed the proposal to reduce the mayoralties, despite the fact that the initiative was under discussion for many years in plenary.

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