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In Italy, touching a minor for less than ten seconds “does not constitute an offence”, judges a court by releasing a school guard

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Thousands of people take part in a demonstration against violence against women in the center of Turin, Italy, on March 5, 2017. ALESSANDRO DI MARCO / AP

A school guard who touched the buttocks of a 17-year-old student has been acquitted by the Rome court. This judicial decision aroused the indignation, Thursday, July 13, of student associations and influencers. According to the court, these touching having lasted “between five and ten seconds”as denounced by the victim and admitted by the author, “does not constitute an offence”.

The “suddenness of the action, without any insistence in the action of touching”which falls “almost touching”does not allow “characterize the libidinous or lustful intent generally required by criminal law”estimated the court, quoted by the daily The Corriere della Sera.

The court therefore rejected the requisitions of the prosecution, who had requested three and a half years of imprisonment against the guard, aged 66, who had admitted to having touched the student while she was climbing stairs but assured to have done so. ” jokingly “.

For the victim, ” This is not a joke “, she reacts to the Italian daily. “The guard grabbed me from behind without saying anything. He then put his hands in my pants and under my underwear, touched my buttocks and then pulled me up so much that my private parts hurt”she reported.

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This court decision sparked protests from the Association of Students in Lazio, the region of Rome: “We are outraged by the motivation of the judgment. (…) Once again, touching is not recognized as such, this time because of its duration.protested its president Tullia Narciso, quoted by the daily Daily fact. “We want to feel safe everywhere, and especially at school, which should learn to recognize and eliminate violence and discrimination”she concluded.

After this controversial judgment, many students posted videos on social networks where they filmed touching their bodies by simulating a touch for ten seconds, which seemed to last an eternity.

This gesture of solidarity with the victim was also taken up by the Italian actor Paolo Camilli, known for his role in the series The White Lotus and whose video was shared by the most famous influencer of the Peninsula, Chiara Ferragni.


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