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“In Argentina the level has risen a lot”

by drbyos

Miriam Mayorga is one of the referents of the Argentine National Team and is among the 23 summoned to the Australia and New Zealand World Cupwhich will be the second of his successful career.

Multichampion in Mouth and fixed on each call from the Albiceleste, the Barilochense took a moment in the middle of the World Cup preparation to talk with Black river.

“We are with quite intense training sessions, thinking about the debut with Italy. We feel good,” said the 33-year-old.

The World Cup begins on July 20 and Argentina will have its debut on the 24th against Italy. Then it will be measured on 07/27 with South Africa and on 08/02 against Sweden.

It will be the fourth World Cup in which the Selection that had its best performance in France 2019 where he scored a point for the first time by drawing 3-3 with Scotland.

“The main objective is to win a game, something that Argentina could never do in a World Cup. Let’s go game by game the dream is to pass the phase”Mayorga assured.

“Any group that could touch us was going to be super difficult. The level is very high, we are analyzing each rival, seeing where we can attack and how we can defend ourselves”, he added.

On the rivals, he warned: “The three are difficult and have their particularities. Italia press high, South Africa is very physical and Sweden it is third in the FIFA ranking”.

With the professionalization of the first division tournament through, the Selection took several steps forward from the 2019 World Cup in France until now.

Most of the players have had a jump in their careers and the team improved each year, something that was demonstrated in the America’s Cup 2022 where he finished in third place and showed a good level.

“I think we have grown a lot as a team. and also the players individually, many of us come from the previous process. We are more physically prepared as well”, highlighted the Bariloche native.

One of the changes in the process of the last four years is in the coaching staff, which has led it since 2021 el DT German Portanovawhom Mayorga already knew from UAI Urquiza.

“Each coaching staff is different, they work very seriously, they are fans of what they do. They also dedicate a lot of time to the video part and it shows that they trust us”, he valued.

“The group is very competitive, the level has grown a lot. I try to focus and keep what I did in Boca”, added Mayorga.

Before knowing the final list, his call was a number set. Portanova had time until July 11 but confirmed at 23 quoted on Saturday 8. Friday the 14th will be the last friendly with Peru and the trip to Oceania would be the 16th.

Beyond the fact that Mayorga already has a World Cup on his back, this will have the novelty of change of position In recent years, the Rio Negro went from midfielder to central defender, both in Boca and in the Selection.

“Today I feel super comfortable in the position. It was Christian Meloni in Boca who told me that he saw me well, because of my qualities. At first it was very difficult for me because it is a totally different position. Today I am entrenched,” she stated.

about his present in Bocawhere he comes from winning the three-time Argentine soccer championship, said: “For me it is the largest in Argentina, for what it provides, for what it generates, for the people. It is a very big responsibility, you always have to fight and win the tournaments”.

In addition to his performance in sports, Mayorga is a received doctorsomething that he plans to pursue after retirement.

“Today I dedicate myself 100% to soccer and it is impossible for me to do anything with medicine because I really don’t have time. I train every day, sometimes double shifts and I have trips with the national team that sometimes last two weeks. It is something that I have on stand by and I will resume later”he commented.

Regarding the support of Bariloche and Río Negro, he pointed out: “They always send me their messages in some way, the support is felt a lot. I am proud to represent my province and my city as well as my country”.

With Mayorga in the teamArgentina ensures experience and the region a representative in the Australia and New Zealand World Cup which is just around the corner.

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