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Important raids in the Alto Valle for car thefts and sale of parts

by drbyos

Federal Police officers carried out a raid on rock this morning that surprised several neighbors who were passing through Calle 25 de Mayo. This is an operation that is being carried out throughout the Alto Valle in the framework of the investigation by car thefts and sale of auto parts. The procedures were replicated in Lamarque, Luis Beltrán and Villa Regina.

During the morning of this Wednesday, around 11 o’clock, the Federal Police of Neuquén arrived in the town to carry out a search in a workshop that works on Calle 25 de Mayo, in Roca.

Police sources confirmed that the operation responds to a survey that is being carried out in all junkyards that are found from Lamarque to Neuquén due to the number of criminal acts registered in the last year. They explained that the provincial Justice requested the cooperation of the Federal Police and the Ministry of the Nation to find positive cases of “theft and auto theft”.

The operations are to stop the illegal sale of auto parts. Photo courtesy

From the Roca prosecutor’s office they indicated that “it was verified that the owners of the businesses are registered in the RUDAC, in some cases they were not, nor did they have authorization for the sale of used auto parts”.

They also pointed out that on Tuesday a similar operation took place in Lamarque and yielded positive results in a junkyard. On the other hand, they advanced During the week, different raids will also be carried out in the province of Neuquén in order to reduce the number of criminal acts and stop the clandestine sale of auto parts.

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