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“If you leave, you also lose everything”

by drbyos

«If we leave, we also lose everything«. That’s how he expressed it Jonathan Carrilloa farmer from San Patricio del Chañar, who despite the dramatic rise of the Neuquén River, located 300 meters from his home, decided to stay on his propertyfearing theft.

The town, like others in the lower basin, was affected by the pronounced growth of the flow, after the rainy season It affected a large part of the province, but especially the north of Neuquén, causing flooding and landslides and disabling roads and bridges.

In the Chañar, downstream of the compensating dam of the same name, the situation not much better and the water gradually advanced inland, where, as a result of so many years of drought, houses, stalls and farms were located.

«It has been more than 10 years since we experienced something like this“Carrillo commented to RIO NEGRO daily, who has a plot in the Picada 3 sector, a little less than three kilometers from the historic center of San Patricio del Chañar.

As a result of the advance of the river, which in its normal course is 300 meters from his home and now reaches his entrance, the farmer he had to evacuate his animalsa decision that other residents of the area also made.

«The water covered the area of ​​the chicken coops and corralsand left no choice but to run to the animals,” said the neighbor, while mentioning that the channel began to grow on Monday and already on Thursday morning, it reached his position.

“I know of neighbors who had to evacuate, but we staythe water still has not entered the house and if you leave, you also lose everythingthere are some who are waiting for no one to steal, “explained the producer.

Although he mentioned that Firefighters and Civil Defense personnel have approached other posts in the area, so far, has not received any assistanceneither material nor economic, by the authorities.

Flooding of the Neuquén river in San Patricio del Chañar: “We have many people who have evacuated themselves”

The chief of firefighters of San Patricio del Chañar, Jorge San Martinexplained that the sector most affected by the flood of the Neuquén river It is located between picadas 3 and 5where “many neighbors and breeders have settled,” he specified.

“We have a lot of people who have self-evacuated and I think once the water goes down, It will be difficult for them to return quickly to their homes“said San Martín, in communication with this medium.

Florencio Barros, a member of the local fire department, spoke with the RÍO NEGRO newspaper and highlighted the prevention work carried out before the floodwhich allowed several neighbors, alerted by the forecast, to decide to self-evacuate from their homes.

“We only had to personally evacuate two older adults, the most people decided to retire on their ownwaiting for the arrival of the water, “said the firefighter.

Downstream, in Vista Alegre, Centenario and Barda del Medio, localities that already have the regulation of the Ballester dam, the panorama is also complex, with flooded neighborhoods and families evacuated and assisted in centers prepared for the occasion.

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