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“I was lying on the street”

by drbyos

Mystery and shock generated the discovery of a lifeless person on the public road in Andacollo this Saturday morning. As a result of this situation, an investigation began to determine the causes of death and the reason why the body was there.

The alert call was made at 06:30 by some neighbors who, when they ran into the man on the ground, notified the 30th police station in the town of the Minas department, in the north of Neuquén. “He was lying on the street,” commented one of the neighbors who gave notice.

Once at the scene, police personnel and an ambulance from the Andacollo hospital transferred the body that was “on a channel” Police sources specified.

Subsequently, medical professionals carried out the rigorous procedures, however they ended up verifying that the 41-year-old man had already been admitted lifeless.

confirmed death and Without having concrete information about the death, an investigation was initiated by the V District Prosecutor’s Office based in Chos Malal. Agents from the Criminal Division and the police medical corps worked on the evidence at the scene.

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