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“I don’t accept anything from cheaters”

by drbyos

Luis Juez, candidate for governor of Together for Change, refused to admit defeat in the provincial elections of Córdoba and attacked Peronism, accusing the party of turning the province into Formosa and deteriorating the institutional quality. In statements to Miter Córdoba, Judge expressed his frustration and criticized the handling of the electoral campaign. “Peronism has turned Córdoba into Formosa,” he maintained.

«I do not accept cheaters at all. They would have done things accordingly, and I would have gone to give them a hug as God intended »Judge declared, showing his rejection of the electoral results that left him as the second force, by around 3% of the votes.

In addition, he expressed his disappointment at not having been able to comply with his proposals to improve the situation of teachers, security personnel and retirees, noting that Peronism used all the resources at its disposal in the campaign.

The Juntos por el Cambio candidate also expressed his discontent with the outgoing governor, Juan Schiaretti, questioning the way in which he will step down from power and accusing him of being ignored by his own party. The judge announced that he will request the recount of the votes one by one and affirmed that he will make decisions together with his attorneys.

Regarding the institutional quality of the province, Juez affirmed that it is “on the floor” and compared the situation with the province of Formosa, noting that Peronism has turned Córdoba into a similar place. In addition, he criticized the new generation of politicians who will replace figures like José Manuel De la Sota and Juan Schiaretti, accusing them of lacking codes.

In relation to the municipal elections on July 23, Judge expressed his confidence that Rodrigo De Loredo will be the next mayor of Córdoba, stating that he has no doubts about it.

Despite his statements and his refusal to accept defeatthe space that Judge represents will face the challenge of admitting the electoral results and deciding the steps to follow. Meanwhile, Peronism celebrates its victory in the province and is preparing to take over the government in the coming months.

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