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how will the weather be this week after the rainstorm

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The Interjurisdictional Basin Authority (AIC) detailed how time will continue in Neuquén and Río Negro, after the rain storm registered in the region.

In general terms “conditions improve over valleys and plateaus“The agency said in a statement.

«The passage of humid and cold air over the mountain region, with light to moderate rains and snowfall“, warned the AIC on its website.

Las rainy last weekend they affected a large part of Río Negro and Neuquén. Some families had to evacuate their homes, animals were lost and many roads became impassable. Sauzal Bonito was one of the hardest hit locations region of.

Climate in Neuquén and Río Negro: zone by zone, what the weather will be like this week


Light to moderate rains, with snowfall over the Limay and Collón Curá basins. Light rain with snowfall in the Neuquén river basin. good and stable weatherwith sunny periods from Wednesday.

And new front system enters over the basins starting sunday. that will cause rains and snowfalls in the three basins, of weak to moderate intensity. The flow of humid air over the basins is maintained during the month of July.

Valleys and Plateau

Good weather, partly cloudy to clear skies, falling temperatures. Cold towards the middle of the week with probable morning frosts. Weak to moderate west-southwest wind.

Rionegrina Atlantic Coast

Tuesday, drop in temperature, cold mid week with a moderate southerly wind.

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