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How to talk to someone to get care for retirees and pensioners

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PAMI offers retirees and pensioners care through the “PAMI Listen and Respond” service«, which is the Comprehensive Telephone Service Center of the social work to resolve doubts and inquiries regarding the access to various benefits. Also has the PAME servicehe chatbot virtual de WhatsApp.

“PAMI Listen” is a program that deals with receive, respond and manage all queries, suggestions and claims both by part of affiliates as of his relatives or institutions on issues related to the services and benefits of the social work.

The attention of “PAMI Listen” is carried out throughout the country, communicating to the free numbers 138 and 0800 – 222 – 7264.

The line is available 24 hoursduring all year.

PAME: How the PAMI chatbot works

To use PAME, PAMI’s inquiry channel through WhatsApp It is only necessary to schedule it among the contacts on the cell phone with the number +54 9 11 4370-3138 and start the conversation with the word “Hello”. Immediately, the bot will ask to indicate if the person using the service is affiliated with PAMIif you want to join, or if you are helping someone.

It will then provide a menu with some main topics, such as GPs, specialists, free medicines, medical record or digital credentialin addition to giving the option to ask about other matters, such as medical benefits and supplies, consultation of procedures, shifts for agencies, training and activities. Following the instructions the virtual assistant will be able to access the requested information.

PAME works 24 hours a dayseven days a week, and can be consulted from anywhere in the country free of charge.

To ensure that the information comes directly from the agency and avoid being a victim of a scam from another phone number, the account has been verified by WhatsApp itself; that is to say, it presents a green badge next to the name and logo of PAMI.

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