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How to pray to them to ask for their intervention

by drbyos

The The Catholic Church celebrates the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul every June 29considered by the religious institution as witnesses of jesus christ. Is considered a festival of Catholicism for believerswho in turn make a confession of faith in the Church.

is reminded of Saint Peter as the fragile and passionate friend of Jesuschosen by Christ himself to be the rock of the Church at its foundation. Catholic history indicates that Jesus told him “you are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church” (Mt 16,16).

so it is Pedro accepted the mission until his death as a martyr. His grave rests in the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vaticanwhere millions of pilgrims arrive to greet him and leave their request, so that intermediary before God.

For his part, Saint Paul is considered the persecutor of Christians who became an apostle of the Gentiles. It is seen as a model of ardent evangelizing for all Catholicssince after meet jesus on his way he gave himself to the Gospel without reservation.

How to ask Saint Peter and Saint Paul

That’s how it is the prayer so that Saint Peter and Saint Paul mediate in the requests of believers:

Oh Holy Apostles Peter and Paul!
I choose you today and forever for my special protectors and lawyers;
and I humbly rejoice so much with you, Saint Peter, Prince of the Apostles,
because you are the stone on which God built his Church;
as with you, Saint Paul, chosen by God
for vessel of choice and preacher of truth throughout the world.
Reach me, I beg you, a living faith, a firm hope and a perfect charity;
attentiveness in prayer, purity of heart, right intention in deeds,
diligence in the fulfillment of the obligations of my state, constancy in the purposes,
resignation to the will of God and perseverance in divine grace until death;
so that through their intercessions and their glorious merits,
I can overcome the temptations of the world, of the devil and of the flesh,
make me worthy to present myself before the supreme and eternal shepherd of souls Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever and ever,
to enjoy and love him forever.


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