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how to make inquiries on whatsapp

by drbyos

affiliates to PAMI can make different inquiries by WhatsApp. To use the PAMI inquiry channel through WhatsApp sIt is only necessary to schedule the number of the organization among the contacts on the cell phone and start the conversation.

immediately the bot, called PAME, will ask to indicate if the person using the service is a member to PAMI, if you want to join, or if you are helping someone.

Then will provide a menu with some main themessuch as family doctors, specialists, free medicines, medical record or digital credential, in addition to giving the option to ask about other matters, such as medical benefits and supplies, consultation procedures, shifts for agencies, training and activities. Following the instructions of the virtual assistant you can access the requested information.

PAME, the PAMI bot on WhatsApp, works 24 hours a day, seven days a weekand can be consulted from anywhere in the country free of charge.

Step by step, how to make inquiries to PAMI by WhatsApp

Los PAMI affiliates You can make different inquiries by WhatsApp. For it:

1. Must schedule the number of phone +54 9 11 4370-3138.

2. Go to WhatsApp and start the conversation with the word “Hello”.

3. The system will display a series of options to see if your questions are frequent queries and can be answered automatically. If this is not the case, an operator will be assigned to you.

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